Welcome to Office Furniture Partnership.

Saving the world… One desk at a time.

Thank you for choosing Office Furniture Partnership! Since 2000, we’ve been providing small businesses and large organizations with inviting, flexible workspaces that enhance productivity while optimizing space and budget. Leveraging decades of industry experience, OFP designers and project managers will cost-effectively manage your entire project from conception to completion – without sacrificing product or service quality.

While working with OFP, you’ll discover a few things. The first is that we love our jobs. Creating inventive, functional work environments is important to us, because it creates satisfied employees – and helps you to succeed. In addition, we embrace the lost art of client-focused service, prioritizing relationship building and client satisfaction. Finally, we believe that follow-through is paramount. After the last piece of furniture is installed, we promise to be available: to answer questions, assist with warranty work or manage future projects.


“Working with clients to create their new workspace is not ‘just a job’ for the OFP team. It is a lifestyle—and we love what we do.”

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